One. Background 


1. We respect your personal data, and the data is to be protected and kept within the law. 

2. This Privacy Policy /hereinafter referred to as "document"/ is to inform you about the purpose of data collection, use and keep by QGO application (hereinafter referred to as "APP"). 

3. This document has been processed in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data of Mongolia. 


Two. Terminology   

1. User: An individual who downloads the official smartphone version of the QGO application, creates an account and receives a call service to call the vehicle he needs.  / User is an "owner of data" according to Article 4.1.5 of the Personal Data Protection Law, / 

2. Driver: refers to a driver providing services to application users by concluding a contract with RISING LLC to provide transportation services.   

3. Identifier /ID/: refers to the login name of the information system that identifies a person on e-platform, e-mail, social network, telephone and wireless communication technology addresses, and other types of devices and data in the system. 


Three. What is personal data?   

1. Personal date is the sensitive data of an individual and the name of an individual's parents, his/her name, date of birth, place of birth, address of residence, location, civil registration number, assets, education, membership, e-identifier, direct identification of a person and other data that can be directly or indirectly identified. /4.1.11 of the Law on Personal Data Protection 

2. Personal sensitive data includes origin, race, religion, belief, health, correspondence, genetic and biometric data, private key of digital signature, conviction or not, sexual and gender orientation, expression, sexuality data about /4.1.12 of the Law on Personal Data Protection/   


Four. Collecting the user’s data   

To create a user account: 

 • Phone number 

Users log in with their phone number to create an account. Also, when using the application the user must register their phone number, and this data cannot be identified directly or indirectly, so it does not belong to a person's personal data. 

 • Facebook 

Users can create an account by connecting to Facebook account for easy access to the application again. This data refers to electronic identifiers or personal data of a person in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. 

 • Email 

 Users create an account by connecting to an email to facilitate access the application again and to provide users with payment bill. This data refers to electronic identifiers or personal data of a person in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.   

While using the application: 

• Location: When the user use the vehicle call service through the application, the user's location data is collected in order to connect the user with the nearest driver. It also uploads the user's travel data to the application in a way that they can see. This data is personal data of the user. 

• Home address and work address: Users can enter their home address and work address upon their request after downloading the application on their phone, and the system will not save this address. But the user can select and use these addresses to make the next call service promptly. 


Five. The purpose of using user data   

• Phone number: The driver will contact the user to clarify the pick-up address 

 • E-mail: is used to send e-receipts of payment to users. 

 • Location: In order to call a taxi or a vehicle from the app, the user needs to specify his location. The purpose is to connect the user with the closest driver to the user, and the user can view his trip data and control the cost of taxi services from the application at any time. 

• Home address and workplace address: If the user enters this data into the app on his mobile phone when making a call, the driver will use it to pick up and deliver the user.   


Six. Protection of User’s data   

1. We implemented and certified the "Information Security Management System-ISO 27001:2013" international standard in our operations. 

2. According to the Law on Protection of Personal Data of Mongolia, QGO is responsible for the collected data and has to undertakes all necessary measures not to use illegally and to protect and to keep the personal data security, and not to disclose it to third parties. To ensure the obligation QGO adopted the "Internal Procedure for Ensuring Data Security" and implement it in its internal operations. 

3. The user’s data will not be disclosed to the third parties except when required by a Government Authority.   


Seven. Consent of Data Owner   

1. By downloading the QGO application, creating an account and sending the data, the user is deemed to have given permission to use the data. This is in accordance with Article 8, Section 8.4 of the Personal Data Protection Law. 


Eight. Delete data   

 1. The user can request data deletion by clicking link here. The app will be deleted within 3 working days after receiving the data deletion request. 


Nine. Update and notification 

1. This document may be updated by QGO at any time and such updates will be indicated and notified by the "Publish Date". 


Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at, +976 77779008, Garuda center 405, SB dsitrict, 2nd khoroo, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.



Date of publication: 07 April, 2023